The Visas Have Arrived

The Visas Have Arrived!
The Visas Have Arrived!

It is Wednesday night and I leave very early tomorrow morning, accompanied to the airport by my good friend and neighbor, Jeff Dickson (rhymes with Nixon).  We had a nice send off dinner at Blue Fin Bay Resort with Jack and Genea.

Although we had emailed the Swedes, warning of my arrival, we had not heard back from them so we made a call.  They were all gathered in Göteberg on vacation and King Anders got all of the details about my train trip from Stockholm to Arvika.  The details are a little squishy as I am not sure which of the six or so trains I will be taking from Stockholm.  I’ll call someone when I know…  This arrangement might drive Betsey a little crazy, but I am traveling alone.

She and the girls will be following me on the 18th and Patric and I will pick them up.  Although I know they could do it, I’m trying not to picture Betsey, Yarrow and Lily trying to find the train station, transfering trains and traveling with 6 suitcases plus carry-ons.  They’ll be tired enough when they get here without all of that hassle.

I’m trying to get a handle on this Blogging stuff and I want to make me cuz’, Jocelyn, proud of me.  Better luck next time.  I am very stressed and nervous and I’m not feeling very entertaining.

Wish me luck!




2 Responses to “The Visas Have Arrived”

  1. Mike Boone Says:

    Hey Kurt, best wishes to you and the family in Sweden. I’ll be checking the blog.

    BTW, the BugGuide trip to Tennessee was great fun. Wish you could have been there.

  2. Jocelyn Says:

    Oh, sweetheart, you better bet I’m proud of you and this big step into blogging. You’re kickin’ it! Reading each of these posts has been a pleasure.

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