6am on departure day

Much to early for me, but sleep has been elusive.  I find this blogging to be imtimidating, I pondered a title for much longer then I should admit! 

The bags are packed and weighed, and weighed again.  Grandma Phyllis brought gummy worms and Grandma Genea is bringing the gum.  We each have a large book to read, Yarrow and I continue down the blood soaked vampire road (Breaking Dawn and The Historian) and Lily has started Peter and the Star Catchers.  Actually there is a very good chance that both girls finished their books last night, as we all were too jazzed up to sleep very much.  At 10 am my parents will pick us up and we’ll head down to the Mpls airport.  Our flight leaves at 7:20pm with a 1.5 hour stopover in Iceland.  12:45pm (Swedish time- 7 hours ahead of us) Kurt and Patrik, my host brother, will pick us up in Stockholm.  It is a 4 hour drive to Arvika.  School starts Wednesday for the girls, but I am thinking we may hold off for a day or two.  Kurt has met his boss but hasn’t yet started.  Perhaps Thursday.  I start work…, wait!  I don’t work! (Note the giddyness)

The last post was the night of Kurt’s departure.  Time has equally raced and dragged since then.  We are ready, we are SO ready.  The house is, well, empty and very very clean.  I would suggest that all of you consider dismantling your house someday.  It’s a very liberating process.  Several dumpsters and many trips to the dilly dally shop and we are much lighter then we were before.  The gargage is shockingly tidy and locked.  The cars each are home to a block of Irish Spring soap, which apparently will help keep out the mice.  (Check back in a year)  We did a trial run on luggage in my parents car and it’s a good thing we did.  We will be driving the van down to the airport.

I cried my first tears yesterday at goodbyes.  I have been saying goodbye for a month now, not knowing it was a real goodbye until a week and a half  ago when the visa’s (finally) arrivied.  Yesterday it was real.  The send off has been spectacular.  The party at Deaner’s where friends from all the areas of our life joined us in a party, to the numerous gatherings, the meals cooked or bought for us, the cards, the emails, the phone calls and the hugs will carry us very nicely through the next year.  Thursday in town I arrived at both the bank and the library hours before they opened and both places unlocked their doors and let me in.  I love my small town and my community.  We will miss you all!


2 Responses to “6am on departure day”

  1. Shelby & Brennan Says:

    hey!!! we miss u guys!!! luv ya. will b checkin the site every day 4 updates!!!♥
    ♥Shelby & Brennan♥

  2. Jocelyn Says:

    Okay, Bets. You got me teary with this one.

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