klassbolls hogstadium (yarrows school)


The Music Room

The Music Room

hey everybody! this is my first blog, as you probably know, and I’m here to tell you about my school. It’s very small, and very cool, my favorite classes are art and music, because both are universal languages, but I think it’s unfair to even think of them as classes, art is usually very wide classificatins, given by mia, an awesome lady with short and blonde hair, with a very motherly feeling all about her, that the class sort of follows while still making it their own. music, is like being in a band, the music teacher, looks almost exactly like zach welch(weird huh?)if you’ve met him, but, unlike zach, he has a moustach, he actually likes me, and he cares nothing for blowing people up or heavy metal music, and more about playing his guitar and bruce springstein. the first music class  laura and stephan got keyboard some people grabbed electric or acoustic guitars, one of the boys sat down at the drum set, and the music teacher announced the guitar chords and the rythm handed the pianists a peice of music, and showed the drumer the beat, and we were off, playing I’m Yours, like the real recording, it was great, we also did I’m a Beleiver, i was in heaven. I’ve discovered a new artist here, a scottish one named Amy McDonald, she’s amazing, but anyway. i love school, its not nearly as intense as school in the states. It’s located in an old piano factory, and it’s like a rabbit warren of tunnels. i’ve made some friends, josephine, laura macaila, carolina, and some more, well thats about all i have to say bub bye! sorry about all the typos!


6 Responses to “klassbolls hogstadium (yarrows school)”

  1. HAAV Says:

    I wish my guitar class could be like that!

  2. savannah Says:

    HEy yarrow wow sounds awesome, how was breaking dawn i thought i was going to cry at the end i didn’t want her to loose edward or renesmee
    so scary

    well glad ur having fun even at school

    luv luv


  3. Sue Says:

    It’s great to check in on the web and follow your adventures. We are living vicariously through your family and Sonja (smudchencollective.blogspot.com). I have shared your blog address with quite a few people. we will continue to enjoy reading your stories. The best to you all.

  4. Jocelyn Says:

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Yarrow! Rock it, baby.


  5. shel Says:

    hey yar! sounds lik its a one of a kind skool! hey u need 2 email me!! i miss u so much and cant wait till u get bak. rite now me and bren r home alone! lol. hes watching tv witch always makes him happy! but he wants the computer! of course. keep sendin da pictures!!! i want 2 c some of ur new friends!! luv u so much!!!

    love ur dear wonderful cuzin who cant live without u,

  6. Blind Squirrel Says:

    I too am living vicariously through your website. (low calorie requirements plus you can’t catch anything) I miss all of you but I’m glad you have this opportunity. When will Lilly post? Hi Lilly, I can see you.

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