Godis Huset


Every Saturday in Sweden is a goodies day.  Goodies can be found everywhere, in the grocery stores such as ICA, COOP or Lidl.  We usually go to the Godis Huset, located near the center of Arvika.  These pictures were taken there on one of our first Saturday visits.  I am shamed to say we went a bit crazy that September day, spending 175 sek or $22 .  We have learned to limited the amount!  Norwegians come over the border to buy goodies in Sweden.  Kurt fills his bag with chocolates,  Lily likes the squishy sweet and sour goodies, Yarrow goes for a variety, leaning towards chocolate and I like the soft goodies, think Easter Peeps that have been left uncovered for awhile.   The most famous goodies in Sweden are Ahlgrens bilar  “World’s most sold car.”  Lily loves these and both girls sent a few bags home to their classmates at WKE.  If you want to see these cute little cars up close, you can check out their web site at:     http://www.ahlgrensbilar.com/


6 Responses to “Godis Huset”


    That is too funny. I was just telling Mom today about my discovery of “Fairy Food” while working at Macy’s. Can you tell my area is close to the candy counter? It’s basic a foam candy covered with chocolate. Think malted milk ball with a much better taste. ( I don’t care for malted milk balls, thus my slant….) I looked up the recipe so if you want it let me know.

  2. Blind Squirrel Says:

    You’re teasing me, aren’t you? I’m not going to say it. Not a word about fo..fo..foo.


    People come and request “Fairy Food” at the Macy’s candy counter over the holidays. Sounds strange, but it’s really good. And no, no fairies are harmed in the making of this candy.

  4. Jenny Bushmaker Says:

    That is every girls dream…chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!!

    Love, Jen 🙂

  5. Jocelyn Says:

    I have a bag of the “most sold cars” in our kitchen right now…from IKEA in Bloomington!

  6. Double W Says:


    That looks great! Anybody who loves candy [like me] would be in heaven! Chewy, crunchy, flakey, sweet, and sour Sweden has it all!!

    -Double W

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