A Day In The Life Of YARROW

     Almost every day I get up at different times, as I can choose between eight, and nine as my starting time. For an hour at the beginning and end of the day they have independent study, which you can choose to go to. I usually choose not.

      Unlike school in America, every day is not the same. Every week I have the same schedule, but the days are all different. Some of my classes are art, music, sewing class, something called kulturblocket, which is like geography, social studies and history all in one class. I also have math, biology and chemistry, all of which I despise.

           I also have swedish class four times a week, which is very fun, and confusing. Twice a week I have Swedish with Sean, and Evan, who are also from the U.S, but more recently they lived in Holland, (they’re brothers) and Akram, who is from Russia, although he rarely shows up. I am the only one working on my second language, they’re all on their third.  I also have gym. Lisa, the teacher is a slave driver, but it is still pretty fun. We have worked on tons of different things, from afro dance to boxing. She also lets us play rugby. Ouch. That would not fly in America. Our school has lunch in a different building, which reminds me of a small coffee shop. I usually walk there with my friends Cecelia, Hannah, Mikeala, and Hileve and Amanda (the last two are, incidentally Lily’s basketball coaches). I have been into town a few times with Cecelia and Mikeala, we saw Twilight together, and we have also gone shopping and gotten pizza (Swedish style).

    On Mondays I get a ride to school with Mia, my art teacher, but other than that usually mum drives me to and from school. Wednesdays are a bother, because she starts work at 7:30, and I start at 9:00. My mother finds my school a bit overwhelming. It feels like a rabbit warren, the hallways are narrow, and are only accessible by one small spiral staircase that goes all the way to the top floor, as you might imagine, we have no handicapped students. The whole atmosphere is also very different, students call teachers by first names, and actually hang out a lot together. Teachers also say f*** as much as students do, and that’s a lot. The whole thing is much more relaxed, from my standpoint, but mum calls it hectic and chaotic, and sometimes I have to agree. 

Last week our school got to see one of my music teachers’ band, Pangea.  They were great a mix betwwen traditional Scandanavian and indie rock. Reminding me of one of my new favorite bands, called Hedningarna. When I get home I usually play guitar for a while,( I have really  gotten better with all this extra time on my hands), and maybe get on the computer and then go for a walk. I read for a bit and then go to bed. 

   On the weekends I sleep, laze about, read and generally try not to change out of my PJ’s, learning another language is very wearing on my (already slipping) mental health.;p


2 Responses to “A Day In The Life Of YARROW”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    I love the series you’ve produced in the “The life of…”!! Thanks for sharing. You picked a great winter to miss with -27 degrees again yesterday. Folks are getting a little testy. Weekend promises a warmup.

  2. Blind Squirrel Says:

    Hi Yarrow. It’s good to hear from you again. Come home safe and sound and we will go for a walk in the woods with Lilly. You did pick a good winter to skip. The snowplow was stuck in my driveway twice. The second time, it took a cat to pull him out.

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