A day in the life of LILY

Typical day at school

8:45 My first lesson on Mondays is sewing.  All other days I have Math and Swedish.  In sewing class we are working on how to turn corners and patterns on pieces of paper.  We are using real programmable digital sewing machines.  I do most of the programming, it takes a lot of time.  Last term we had Wood with Mats.  I loved this class because Mats is my favorite teacher.  He is funny and things like that.  He spoke a little english but had to look up many on the internet.  I made a wood car, a game,  a wooden frame and a brass ring.

9:45 Break.  We play swedish games outside like; Brö Brö Bra, Salt och Socker. I will describe this game.  It looks like a four square field except you close your eyes and step on the squares.  if you step on a line, other players say Salt if you step on the line and Socker if you don’t.

10:45-11:20  Lesson in school like Math, Swedish, art and religion.  Although I am in a third grade classroom I am doing fourth grade math.  In religion we have studied Adam and Eve and David.  Anna Lena reads the bible story and we listen.  When she is finished we draw a picture and write about the story.

11-20-12:30  As soon as we get done eating we can go outside and play until class starts.  I love the lunches. My favorite lunch is Pannkaka.  Sometimes the soup can be gross, nobody ever eats it.  

12:30-2:50 On Mondays, half the class goes swimming at the badhuset.  We walk there, its a 10-15 minute walk into town.  We walk no matter what the weather is. I belong to the Dragons team and the other team is called the Wild Kids.  If you don’t swim you work on Charlie.  Charlie is a program about not being mean to others.  You talk about feelings and stuff like that.

On Tuesdays after lunch instead of swimming we have idrotts (gym) 1/2 the class goes at a time.  We play games.   Sometimes we do an obstacle courses which is a treat with rings ropes jumping on mattress, climbing over poles with your feet of the ground, jump roping and trampoline. Otherwise we play Spookball (like dodgeball), basketball, floor hockey and football.

Every Friday the last hour of class is “Roligt timmar”  funny hour.  Two students teach everyone a game and we play.  When I had my turn, we played charades.

On Wednesday am my Mom starts work at 8 am so I go to Julia’s house until school starts.  I play with Elina and watch TV.  On Wednesdays and Fridays school ends at 1:20.  On Tuesdays and Fridays I do to Fritids (after school care) because my mom and dad are both at work.  There is a kitchen, dining room, two bathrooms, a big room where we hang out.  We do what we want, read, play game.  I have gone only once but I think I am going to like it except it’s a little boring.

On Wednesdays I have basketball at 5pm in the gym at my school.  My teachers are Amanda and Hileve and Jennifer and Elin.  Amanda and Hellive are my favorites, they are 7th graders and go to school with Yarrow.  We practice an hour.  We have had one game on a weekend.  This week we are going to play a game with the boys.

On Thursdays I have piano lessons with Brigitta at the music school. The music is next to the Bibliotek (library) and the the City Conditori where sometimes, almost every time ,we get hot chocolate and a treat.  I like to eat everything there, especially the bakery items. 

When I get home from school I like to spend time on the computer.  I play Runescape and Webkinz.

I bring my cell phone with me to school but I have to leave it turned off on Anna Lena’s desk.  Julia and I are the only ones with cell phones.  Julia has one because of her diabetes. 

I used to scoop poop and cut Carmito the horse after school, however, Jenny is living at home now and she takes care of it.

Every week I have math problems in a notebook and reading or writing as homework.  

Sometimes after school I go to Julia’s house and play and I have had a couple of friends over after school.  Next Sunday, I am gong to a birthday party and the Ice Hall.  Here the kids invite the whole class to the birthday party.

(Spoken by Lily, written by Betsey)


3 Responses to “A day in the life of LILY”

  1. Blind Squirrel Says:

    Hi Lilly. I’m glad you are having a good time and getting enough to eat. (/dumb running joke)
    What is this about programming a sewing machine? Did something completely change again while I wasn’t paying attention? Do you ever, I don’t know, like grab the cloth with your hands and shove it into the machine? The reason I ask is because my sewing machine works by pumping it with my foot and I can’t tell where you would even hook a computer to it. You really must explain to me when you get back. I have an outdoor surprise when you do. It’s really far out. No, really.

  2. Blind Squirrel Says:

    Lily! Lily has only two ls’. I feel dumb. Forgive me?

  3. Double W. Says:

    That sounds like an awesome school day Lily! You guys start with sewing class and then play games for a little bit- here [USA] i have chemistry then math… no game time! Well your lucky but I still want you to come back!

    ciao for now, Double W.

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