Sunday  afternoon we met the Skogsmulle (Forest Mulle), Sweden’s ambassador for the forest.  The Skogsmulle foundation was started in 1987, with the intent of “raising children in the spirit of care, love and respect of nature.”  Goesta Frohm is the author and creator of the concept and apparently there are books written that feature Skogsmulle.  Skogsmulle meets with the youngest children, of kindergarten age and introduces them to the forest.  Skogsmulle has three siblings, each designed to introduce children to a different part of nature; the sea, the mountain, and an imaginary planet.  They are not as well know as Skogsmulle.  The concept has spread to other countries; Finland, Norway, Russia, Latvia, Japan, Great Britain and Germany.  The following story describes how skogsmulle was born and is from the website



It was a wonderful day in the forest; the sun was shining and the wind in the trees sounded like music. Suddenly, there was a tremendous rush of wind through the tree-tops, causing the branches to bend that they nearly touch the ground. A dark cloud slid a cross the sky and thunderbolts echoed between the hillsides, all at once rain started to fall heavily and densely. On the lake waves became increasingly strong and crashed against the shoreline rocks causing the foam to fly high. All of nature shook and the ladybugs clinging their blades of grass could hardly hold on as the grass swung to and from. Just then, when nature was at its most turbulent, Skogsmulle was created. “Kollikok! Kollikok!” could be heard around the forest. The rain stopped and with that the clouds and fog dispersed, once again the sun was shining. .”Kollikok! Kollikok!” came from a small creature lying in the moss laughing. “Kollikok! Kollikok!” he said again.


There was a little fellow with curly hair who looked as if his name ought to be Skogsmulle. The cry was heard throughout the forest and far away amongst the hills, the echo answered. “Kollikok ! Kollikok!”


The animals on the ground, birds flying in the air and fishes swimming in the water, all stopped and listened. The news about Skogsmulle moved like a breath of wind through the forest, everyone wanted to see who had called “Kollikok” and they hurried over to meet him.


To their surprise, Skogsmulle did not have any clothes on and as if of one mind, everyone started working, each in his own way to give Skogsmulle something to wear. The birds collected leaves from trees in the forest, spiders hurried to spin threads and the ants brought long pine needles. All waterspiders (called “taylors” in Swedish) were helping with the sewing. Soon Skogsmulle could put on a wonderful soft moss green suit.


The moles and mices gnawed roots to make a super tail with a tassel. Skogsmulle needed a tail to help keep the nature clean, but how could they attach the tail? .Then came the earwigs who cut a round hole in the seat of his pants. Skogsmulle was very happy and proudly mirrored himself in the nearby creek.


A small piece of bark had fallen from a birch-tree and in no time at all Skogsmulle made himself a birch-bark-hat. The blackcock who was watching, flew past and dropped a feather and when Skogsmulle tried to catch it, the feather landed in a puddle on the ground. “Oh no”, cried Skogsmulle and wiped the feather clean on a cranberry bush, some of the old cranberry fruit became c rushed and coloured the feather red. “Look, its become even more beautiful, it matches really well with my white birch-bark-hat.” said Skogsmulle.


Skogsmulle started to wander through the forest. Every no and again pricked his bare feet. It was not easy to walk barefoot in the forest. “I will get used to it”, he thought.


In a Crofters house located on top of the hill, lived a family with two nice children, Sten and Anna. When the children heard “Kollikok ! Kollikok !” they sneaked out to find what had made the noise. Both were astonished when they saw Skogsmulle and for a long time stood there watching him. Finely they said hello, and asked for his name.


Anna said “Sten, couldn’t you give Skogsmulle your lapman pointed shoes, so that he doesn’t get thorns in his feet”? Sten hurried home to get them and gave the shoes to Skogsmulle. Now Mulle was ready and he wanted to show all the children everything which exists in the forest, to teach them how important it is to take care of the forest.





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    The best article I’ve read on the very first day of the year. Thanks 🙂

    Happy new year

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