In honor of Sally’s visit (Mars 12 till 21)


Sally kicks butt during Friday night's Phase 10 game

Sally kicks butt during Friday night's Phase 10 game


Sweden is a lovely place

rich with friends and family

but as often is the case

a beloved sister is welcomed most warmly


She arrived on a Thursday

flying into Norway

and from the moment we all saw her

it felt like she belonged here


Early Friday am with no rest for the weary

we were assigned to watch and answer the occasional query

as the weary  year 9 students

took a test on English, with an evident lack of enjoyment


Later on that week

Oh, a braver sister none could seek

In front of my class Sally did stand

and talk about technical English in her native land.*



Sally in my English C classroom at Solberga

Sally in my English C classroom at Solberga


Term papers are due and by reading out loud

errors in verb tense and word choice can be found

The 911 conspiracy, Tsunamis and the Gangsta Rap world

were only a few of the papers she heard


We fed her well!  (of course we did)

Moose balls, potatoes and limpa bread

Friday night and Sally’s here!  we celebrated with tonic and gin

the Gustafson clan and a game of Phase 10.



"Sally's here" party!

"Sally's here" party!



Charlottenberg,  Charlottenberg*  

difficult decisions made whilst pulling hair

we brought more goods then we could carry

Sally’s lucky family will eat Swedish goodies whilst wearing Swedish underwear

   *  (ryhmes w/ berry)


More moose on her plate

at Martin and Mia’s country house

with Anders and Leia (Camilla not there)

we saw pictures of their adventures in the land of Mickey Mouse


A trip to Arvika is not complete

a gigantic Shalom pizza must man eat

before Sunday night’s entertainment

at the school “Spring into Spring” event




Quality Auntie time for Yar and Lil

Bike riding with the littlest up and down Arvika’s hills

Yarrow’s older sibling angst was shared

and comparisons of Max and Lily were bared

They walked, they talked, they shopped

and finally *something for HERSELF Sally bought!

(*a handmade moose hide purse and a clay turtle)


Rackstadmusset, the King of Rime

Klässbols amazing linens for us to find

hot dogs and chocolate in the darkening blue

climbing the overlook for the spectacular view

Yes, the 10 days fairly flew


Amidst numerous trips to COOP

Over Rackstadmuseet’s always tasty soup

as we traveled around

We talked, we laughed, we sat without a sound

Time spent with a beloved sis

is truly all one could wish!


We love you, Sally!  Thanks for visiting us.





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