last week of school before easter break

Hello, Yarrow here. The last week of school before Easter was a bit different, and The Parents think I should blog about it. Since I have to do what they tell me to, here you go.

We didn’t have school on Friday, so last Friday was when it started. in the morning a girl named Sophie, why has suffered from  Anorexia, came and talked to our class, she is looking quite healthy, and definitely scared us all away from that. Then we had two other classes about self image. One about how styles and how we see beauty have changed through the years, and one a about how you see yourself. Then we watched a movie called ‘Hip Hop Hora’ about a young girl, who makes a series of bad decisions, gets drunk at a party and has a number of interesting pictures taken of her. Then her life goes into a spiral, ending with her attempted suicide, at that point everyone sot of wakes up, and the world is good again. It sounds stupid and depressing, but it was quite good.

Monday we had a speech on racism, by a man named Emmanuel Ezra, originally from Ethiopia. He was quite funny, and at one point even used a baby nookie to drive home one of his points. Then we watched (in my opinion) a very poorly made film, also on racism, that I won’t bother you by going into it. After that I may have skipped class (it really wasn’t mandatory) to go shopping with Cecelia, Hannah, and Mikaela. It took Mikaela an hour to pick out her sunglasses, while the rest of us messed around in the store. Then we had to go back to school for African dance, it was very fun.

On Tuesday, we talked about how drugs affect people, as well as alcohol and snus. There was a police officer from the station in, also to talk about drugs. Before we went home we played brännboll,  translated, that means burn-ball. It’s like a cross between baseball an cricket, our class won both games (no thanks to me, or maybe in spite of me.

On Wednesday we only had two classes, but they were very long. First we had climbing, on an indoor wall, with multicolored knobs of plastic nailed to it. I was the only one to reach the top of the slanted wall, no one else made it more than a foot. It probably took me a half-hour, I was drenched in sweat and shaking by the time I reached the top, but I did get some applause, and martin, the teacher announced proudly, now I quote “A new climber has been born!” and told me to call him if i ever wanted to go climbing soon. I get the feeling I passed some sort of  right of initiation. I am still sore. The second class was making baskets out of willow, with Martins wife, Mia. (they’re my favorite teachers)

Lastly, Tuesday was all about love and sex (oh good lord). In the morning we talked about on-line dating, and then words for love. We did some dancing in the afternoon, ate lunch (the only reason I mention this is because we got cupcakes). And then watched a move about how babies are made, yes, giggle Central. They definitely could have left some stuff out. Right at the end we got to look at Maude, one of my favorite pregnant teachers, ultrasound. 🙂 

Thus, it ends, and on into Easter break!


2 Responses to “last week of school before easter break”

  1. Blind Squirrel FCD Says:

    When I was a child, we never got to see our favorite pregnant teacher’s ultrasound at school.
    That was a very good post even if it was coerced. Grannys and gramps like to hear what their genes are up to every now and then. I think it gives them an illusion of control or something.
    Now wherever did you learn to rock climb so well? Congratulations on making it to the top. Boys especially admire girls who beat them in physical activities.
    Not really.
    I admire your parents for taking you to another country to learn, even though I miss you. My parents took me lots of different places, but I always found my way back.

  2. Jocelyn Says:

    The fact that you have a teenager who still thinks she has to do what her parents tell her is awe-inspiring.

    As are the memories dredged up by your remark about viewing a “birds and the bees” film…

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