Oh Gees. Countdown.

Betsey had her last class at Solberg school Monday.  They ate cupcakes and listened to Pomp and Circumstances, Lily made a few graduation hats for her.  Betsey has a few classes left at Klässbols and graduation ceremonies next week.  She has started tutoring a senior in English and will meet with her once or twice a week all summer.  

Yarrow’s school put on a show, “Let us entertain you.”  We saw it last night and it is fabulous.  

Yarrow chose not to be in the show and doesn’t have much to do.  She has a cold and a stubbed toe and has felt better.  Her last day at school is Tuesday.  

Lily’s last day of school is next Thursday.  Tonight we have a Brännball game with the students and parents in Lily’s class.  On Lily’s last day they have a ceremony at a local sports hall.  Schools in this area have very small auditoriums so all large events must be held off campus.

Kurt continues to work on the house and went with Magnus last night to a presentation on the building techniques Swedes brought with them to the USA.  Many Swedes returned to Sweden after living in the USA and the presenter is also researching what building techniques were brought from the USA to Sweden.    Yep, and dragonflies.  He is proofing the draft for the new addition of his book.

Midsommar is coming up.  Big deal and we are really looking forward to it.  We are going out to Glava, to the summer cabin, with the family.  We had thought of traveling to Småland after Midsummar but have decided we want to stay home and enjoy summer days here with everyone.

July 6th we are traveling with Anders, Camilla and Leia to Danmark to stay for a week on the coast.  Our family will then fly from Gothenberg to England and will spend 10 days traveling around England, Scotland and Ireland.  Ohh la la. 

We have arranged for our goodbye party, on July 26.  We have live music lined up, plan on buying beer and wine in Danmark, and are handing out invites.  The following weekend Mathais and Elizabeth are getting married and we fly home on August 3rd.  (Haven’t bought tickets yet, but that’s the plan.)


Oh gees.


2 Responses to “Oh Gees. Countdown.”

  1. critter-sitters Says:

    We realized that we never really got an exact return date from you, so we haven’t know what to tell Governor, Fawn and the Terrors (goats.) They will be happy to know they will soon have their own family again, since they are having to share this one with the Glick’s dog and cat as well as a sister’s 3 alpacas!

    It sounds like you have planned a lovely conclusion to your year adventure. (I wish we could do our adventure conclusion over again since we screwed it up so badly the first time!) Enjoy the summer in Europe – it sure hasn’t arrived in the north woods yet… brrrrr!

    We miss you and wish you the best. Keep up the blogging – I check it all the time and devour the details.

  2. Jenny Bushmaker Says:

    Oh my goodness time goes by SO fast….It will be sad to say goodbye to sweden I’m sure but I can’t wait to have you guys home…I’m super excited to see you all and hear all about everything in person!! We will definitely need to plan a dinner when you come home so we can hear everything!

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