Questions from Lily’s Classmates Back Home

Thanks to teacher, Wendy LeBlanc, Lily got a large envelope of letters from her 4th grade classmates back in Silver Bay, MN.  They asked some good questions and Lily has some answers for them.


How are you?



What is your teacher’s name?

Anna-Lena is my all day teacher and then I have morning teacher, Carolina!


What is the name of your school?

Gateskolen, pronounced “Got-a-skolan”.


How is school?


Lily's Swedish 3rd grade class on an outing in the forest.

Lily's Swedish third grade class on an outing in the forest.

GOOD, the school lunches are so GOOD and FREE!!

And it’s so weird not being able to talk to people and say what you want to.


How many kids in your class?

25, which is a very big class for Sweden’s schools.


How is fourth grade?

I am not in 4th grade this year because when you come from a different country and you don’t speak the language you are put into the lower grade, but don’t worry! I will be in 5th grade when I come back I’m learning every thing I need for 4th grade because Anna-Lena is teaching me extra stuff!


Do you like it in Sweden?

Yes very much!


When are you coming home?

August 1st I will be on the plane home hopefully!


Hur trivs ni här?

Bra tack!


Did you know that Barack Obama is our president?

Yes I did!  It is very big news here too.


Who is your president (in Sweden)?

We don’t have a president in Sweden but we have a king and queen!


Do you have snow yet?

Off and on


How much Swedish have you learned?

I know enough that I can talk simple words so I can say what I want to say to my Friends and teachers!


How do you say “ I miss you”, “Hello”, “I love you” and “What’s up” in Swedish?

I miss you all- jag sakna allihop sounds like Yag sockna all-ee-hoop

Hello- Hej sounds like Hey

I love you- Jag älskar du sounds like Yag L-scar doo

Whaz up- Va är upp sounds like Vuh are oop



Sucking juice from a boiled crayfish before she eats the tail and the claws.

Sucking juice from a boiled crayfish before she eats the tail and the claws.

Is the food good?  Have you tried any new foods?

Yes to both! The food is VERY different!


What is your email? 

Replace AT with the @ symbol


How was your Halloween?

Very good. I was a teenage witch.

We didn’t trick or treat.  Actually it’s not that poplar here in Sweden!  We had a party for our friends and you can see pictures of it on the blog.


What’s your favorite song?

Thank You – Amy Diamond a Swedish singer


Do you have a Target store?



Do you have McDonald’s?  Burger King?

Yes more McDonald’s than we have in MN!  A few Burger Kings, I think.


What are the names if your friends in Sweden?

Julia (Yulia), Emma, Beatrice (nick name is Bea)


How is Yarrow?



Are there any different holidays in Sweden?

Yes! There is Mid-Summer in June and the day/days of the dead in the fall.


Is there Christmas in Sweden?

Yes it is even bigger than in America! And Santa (his name is Tomten in Sweden) comes on the night of the 23rd!!


Is the alphabet different in Sweden?

Yes there are three more letters ö ä å


Do you get to swim?

Yes every other Monday all through the year!


Do you have a TV and is it all in Swedish?

Yes we have a tv and some of it is Swedish but most of the shows are in English with Swedish subtitles!


Do you live by a lake?

No, I live by horses and one for the whole year is kind of mine its name is Carmito ( it’s a Shetland pony!)


Do you have Thanksgiving?

No =(


What does Swedish money look like?


swedish-coins1swedish-paper-moneyThe silver 50 öre coin in the bottom left corner is no longer in circulation.  The one kronor (crown) coin in the bottom right corner is about the size of an American quarter.  One kronor is worth about 16 cents in America.



This is the Wikipedia link for Swedish money..


Thanks to the 4th grade class of William Kelley Elementary School in Silver Bay, MN for the letters and the great questions. 

Tanner Ian Hattie Gunnar Crystal Brooke Kayla Natalie Micki Andrew Jeff Brandan Nick Dustin Clair Sylvia Debbie Jackson Zack Sabrina and Mrs. LeBlanc.


4 Responses to “Questions from Lily’s Classmates Back Home”

  1. Linnea and Shelby Says:

    Hey! Whats up Sweden Meads!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Shelby are hanging out and tomorrow is thanksgiving!!! =D Email us more cuz yeah we miss you a ton and we want more info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha see you in August love ya!

  2. Blind Squirrel Says:

    I just looked at a globe and discovered something. you are standing sideways compared to normal people back in Minnesota!!11!
    Do you ever get dizzy? Have trouble eating without drooling?
    Inquiring minds want to know.


  3. Blind Squirrel Says:

    Merry Xmass, Meads and Meadlets!! We miss you. It is difficult to type with a cat on ones’ lap.

  4. June Says:

    Dear friends,

    It was so interesting to go to your web blog periodically…I’ve been trying to keep up with you and your many adventures. Sounds like you are really having an adventure there in Sweden.

    We are having a beautiful day this December 25th; sky is bright blue, temperature was minus 22 this morning but is up to plus 16 now with no wind. Jerry has been removing snow for three days now… we got about two feet of it on the ground.

    Some people have been laid off at North Shore Mining and they did shut down a furnace or two; but I haven’t heard of anyone complaining about their lot in life up here yet. Times will probably get worse before they get better.

    Hope all goes well with you and that you come home as scheduled originally.

    Warm affection to you all,……………………..June and Jerry Klabunde

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